N.C. Watermelon Festival
Fair Bluff, N.C.

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Best Tastin' Watermelons of the carolinas' contest

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Are you a farmer that grows watermelons in North or South Carolina? Do you enjoy friendly quality crop competitions between you and your neighbors? Do you grow watermelons in your garden or on your farm?  If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you will enjoy participating in the North Carolina Watermelon Festival Watermelon Contests.

The North Carolina Watermelon Festival of Fair Bluff is in the process of preparing for its upcoming 29th anniversary which will be celebrated festival weekend on July 19, 2014.  

The actual contests being held on July 19, 2014. One of the most historical highlights of the festival is the annual watermelon taste and size contests.

For the fourth year in a row, the NC Watermelon Festival will proudly accept watermelons grown from any part of the state in North Carolina or South Carolina. This is because the North Carolina Watermelon Festival is seeking the best tasting watermelon grown in the Carolinas. In other words, the North Carolina Watermelon Festival Watermelon Committee has given a challenge to all farmers from all parts of the Carolinas to see which state, North Carolina or South Carolina, can have bragging rights to grow the best tasting and best looking watermelons. Growers are encouraged to contact their local extension agent or seed dealer for the best tasting and looking watermelon varieties to make sure they have the ultimate bragging rights.

Details will be forthcoming as to drop-off times and detailed information about the contest location.

Growers are encouraged to contact Co-Chairman Chandler Worley for a pre-registration form to register their watermelons for the best tasting contests.  All growers will be required to pre-register their watermelons by July 11, 2014. Watermelons will not be accepted this year who are not pre-registered prior to the festival.

Due to the expansion of this year’s contest, the Watermelon Festival Watermelon Contest Committee is also requiring that all watermelon patches be certified by an extension agent in the grower’s county. Local growers within the Fair Bluff area may also contact Co-Chairmen Worley or Enzor to have them certify their watermelon patch. Growers who intend to bring large watermelons to the festival do not need to register their watermelons.

Any grower who has any questions or would like a pre-registration form to be mailed to them may contact Chandler Worley at 910-207-1698.      


I plan to enter a large watermelon for the large watermelon contest - do I have to register? No.

I want to enter a watermelon in the sweet contest - do I have to register? Yes. See the link above.

Festival Information

Best Tastin' Watermelons of the Carolinas Contest:

July 19, 2014

Click here to get the pre-registration form: