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National Watermelon Links

National Watermelon Promotion Board                  

Lycopene Leader                                               

National Watermelon Association

What about watermelon?

State Watermelon Links

North Carolina Watermelon Association                 

South Carolina Watermelon Association                 

The Three Watermelon Festivals within N.C.

Winterville Watermelon Festival                              

North Carolina Watermelon Festival - Fair Bluff, NC

Outer Banks Watermelon Festival - Kitty Hawk, NC

Sister Festivals within the State of N.C.

North Carolina Strawberry Festival-

North Carolina Yam Festival -

North Carolina Rhododendron Festival -

Carolina Dogwood Festival -

Fayetteville Dogwood Festival -

North Carolina Spot Festival -

North Carolina Pecan-Harvest Festival -

Southeastern North Carolina Agriculture Festival -

Festivals and Events 


July 21-23, 2017